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Build4Asia 2018
Where to spot New Building Trends?
Established since 1982, Build4Asia has long been a comprehensive, all-in-one sourcing and trading platform for the entire building, engineering and security industries, comprising Asian Elenex, Asian Buildtex and Asian Securitex. Get first-hand market news from strategic global industry leaders and discover how your peers are pioneering industry best practice!

Build4Asia首辦於1982年,集合Asian Elenex,Asian Buildtex和Asian Security三個大型專業展覽,為參展商和買家提供全面的一站式採購及交易平台。立即登記,與環球業界領袖會面,掌握第一手市場資訊,深入了解領先業界秘笈!

This is a MUST-SEE exhibition if you are part of the party!

Architect 建築師 | Interior Designer 室內設計師 | Consultant 顧問 |
Property Developer 地產發展商 | Engineer 工程師 | Technician 技術人員 |
System Integrator 系統集成商 | Surveyor 測量師 |
Facility Manager 設備主管 | Security Manager 保安經理
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Highlighted Exhibits:
  Building Technology, Material and Decoration
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Metasys® Enterprise Management is a comprehensive analytical platform with cloud-based versatility. One that proactively analyzes building data across your enterprise, helps find opportunities for improved performance, and pinpoint inefficiencies to reduce energy costs.


Newly launched in Asia
Environmental Friendly
Creates and maintains correct joint spacing; Allows rapid curing of silicone; Easily adaptable to most systems; Proven longevity for life of building; Accurate positioning of glass; Contributes to the energy efficiency of the wall.


Environmental Friendly
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The Metal X Signum collection is made up of seven patterns: Arcum, Classo, Domus, Forum, Gloria, Natura and Quadra. These seven designs have been applied to the existing Stellar plain design in Metal X.

Metal X Signum系列由七種模式組成:Arcum,Classo,Domus,Forum,Gloria,Natura和Quadra。這七種設計已被應用於Metal X現有的Stellar平面設計中。

Newly launched in Asia
Environmental Friendly
IQAir CleanZone SL/SLS air purifying systems are specially developed for control of airborne infectants & particulate matter, which combines high-efficiency filtration performance with ultra-low noise design.

IQAir CleanZone SL/SLS能有效過濾空氣中極微細懸浮粒子,操作寧靜。可配合不同安裝方法,節省空間。
    Electrical Engineering and Lighting
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The VF-AS3 is Toshiba’s latest high performance VSD featuring state-of-the-art motor control technologies. With advanced communication functions, the AS3 meets the requirements of modern automation systems for IoT / Industry 4.0 evolution.


Newly launched in Asia
Environmental Friendly
Proven and perfected: WAGO's 221 Series COMPACT Splicing Connectors for all wire types set new standards. This new series is 40 % smaller and even more user-friendly than its successful predecessor, the 222 Series.

Newly launched in Asia
  Security, Safety and Fire Protection
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The Speedlane is a sophisticated, intuitive, refined and yet secure entry management experience for those entering and moving around buildings. It interacts, manages and guides authorized users through to the secured areas of buildings.

Speedlane 劃分公共區域與安防區域的周界,通過與使用者友好交互,確保授權使用者安全到達目的地。

Newly launched in Asia
Environmental Friendly
EFAFLEX ballistic high-speed Spiral Door. For a highly effective protection of persons, data and valuable assets. Innovative technology and premium quality from Germany.

Newly launched in Asia
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This is your last chance!
Hong Kong Exhibitors are entitled to apply the "SME Funding Schemes" to save up to 50% exhibiting costs!
香港展覽商申請「中小企業市場推廣基金」節者高達50% 參展費用
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