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Earthy: A trend that has taken the beverages industry by storm 質樸飲料 席捲全球
The rapidly changing consumption habits have kept the players in the beverages industry on their toes – resulting a lot of experimentation to produce a range of high quality natural and organic products in response to the more health conscious consumers.

Earthy is the flavour taste buds are craving for! Chasing after the trend? Gourmet Asia is the destination of choice. Held from 9 – 11 May at HKCEC, the exhibition shines on the world's most exquisite food, offering a variety of premium products and many series of opportunity for buyers and suppliers to meet together to catch up on the latest trend!


Gourmet Asia 展覽會將會展出市場最新、最受歡迎的天然有機飲品,讓餐飲界專家先嚐一口質樸滋味。展覽會將於2018年5月9日至11日假香港會議展覽中心舉行,同場將展出世界級美饌佳餚和一系列高檔產品,買家可把握機會跟參展商盡情交流食經生意經,緊貼業界脈搏,萬勿錯過。
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Highlighted exhibits

It has established since 1917, maintaining high standard using local fresh fruits, being awarded by German Agriculture Association, high recommendations from Oko Test magazine. Van Nahmen products also are serving in Hotel/Michelin star restaurant and served at German parliament's party.
Pure Coconut water sourced from the volcanic regions of the Philippines. Chic, minimalist look and feel, perfect for table service and premium retail. Our Pure coconut water tastes like toasted ripe coconut, roasted honey based notes with hints of caramel and earthy minerals.

Jax Coco純椰子水來自菲律賓火山區。時尚、簡約外型和觀感,是餐桌和高端零售的完美配合。我們的純椰子水味道有如烘培椰子、並點綴了焦煻蜂蜜天然礦物馥郁 。
Our OEM Pyramid teabags are composed of a cornstarch based biodegradable material. Packaging of OEM Pyramid teabags are done by a Japanese automatic packaging machine. The tea bags can be produced together with an outer envelope and company tag.

我們的貼牌生產立體茶包物料由基於玉米澱粉生物可降解材料組成, 立體茶包由日本全自動包裝機完成, 並可與外封套和公司標籤一起生產。
For young, active and health conscious consumers who are seeking caffeine free alternatives or currently drink coffee. JFF Nutritional Lattes are DIY convenient to mix drinks that provide more health benefits than coffee or tea, along with great tasting flavours this makes them very unique and appealing to the hot beverage category within health foods.

選用優質新鮮水果精製而成, 經第3方國際公司專業審核, 絕無添加防腐劑及人工甜味劑的新系列。採用甜菊糖替果糖, 更健康。

We use the fresh high-quality ingredients with no preservative. And this Product is by 3rd international company to review. Using the stevia sugar instead of fructose is healthier.

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