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Truffles = Diamond of the Gourmet World 尊貴松露 美饌之鑽
What's the deal with Truffles? 小松露  大學問

If truffle is not part of fine dining, then what is? Today, truffle is halled as the Diamond of "Gourmet World". Sabatino Tartufi – the delicate hunter for the best quality, taste and aroma truffles worldwide, offering over 200+ species and favour of truffles to satisfy the culinary world.

要數為人熟知的精緻餐飲食材,松露可謂無出其右。今天,松露更被奉為「美食界之鑽石」。Sabatino Tartufi  專門在全球搜羅最優質、美味、清香的松露,為餐飲界帶來超過200種不同口味的松露以饗食家。
World Wide Truffle Expert 環球松露行尊

Sabatino Tartufi was founded in a small Italian town since 1911 by Sabatino Balestra and his wife Giuseppina. Over a hundred years, Sabatino is now the worldwide truffle expert offering over 200+ truffle products - from classic fresh white and black truffles to frozen and preserved cream, sauces, seasonings, oils, flours and honey.

Sabatine Tartufi 於1911年由Sabatino Balestra和妻子Giuseppina在意大利一個小鎮共同創辦。紮根松露生意過百年,Sabatino 現已成為松露專家,全球供應包括黑白松露、急凍松露、奶油松露、松露醬、松露調味料、松露油、松露麵粉和松露蜜糖等超過200款松露產品。
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The Real Fine Dining Exhibition
真正的 Fine Dining 展覽

Gourmet Asia serves as the ideal platform for connecting premium buyers with high-quality suppliers from the hospitality and food service.

Gourmet Asia 高級餐飲展為亞洲區內買家搜羅全球珍餚百味及優質食材,由食品、飲料、餐具到廚房設備一切應有盡有!

Date: 9 – 11 May 2018
Opening Hour: May 9 – 10 11:00 – 18:30
  May 11 11:00 – 17:00
Venue: Hall 1A – 1C, HKCEC
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