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Build4Asia 2018
Build your own bricks at Build4Asia!
  Legos for Adults: Building should be FUN  
Our impression of building and construction may be very solid and demanding but actually the process of building requires a brick-on-brick procedure just like giant blocks and Lego bricks. Legos may just be your childhood game where you've spent countless hours building tiny worlds out of teeny Lego bricks. Guess what? You can now bring your childhood creations to LIVE at Build4Asia. At the exhibition, you will experience a range of freshly built EverBlock®decorations around the hall at Build4Asia.

Keep your eyes open and see what fun EverBlock® will bring!


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EverBlock® Systems was formed to make it easy for companies and people everywhere to build large sized objects using a series of universal building blocks. Simplicity of design and construction is at the core of the company's view of the world and we want to make it easy to tap into people's imagination and love for creating new objects.

EverBlock® 系統旨在讓世界各地的人和企業只需使用一系列應用廣泛的磚塊,就能輕易建造大型物體。設計和建造簡單,是本公司世界觀的基石。我們希望能令人們在創造新物體方面的想像力與熱愛更容易發揮出來。
Universal Modular Design
EverBlock® is designed to be modular, enabling you to create nearly any sized object.

Expand your creations as needed and modify your designs on the fly.

EverBlock – 12″x 6″ Full Block
EverBlock – 6″x 6″ Half Block
EverBlock – 3″ x 6″ Quarter Block



EverBlock – 12″x 6″ 大積木
EverBlock – 6″x 6″ 中積木
EverBlock – 3″ x 6″ 小積木
Find out what people say about EverBlock® !
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EverBlock®'s booth at Build4Asia
  For Trade Buyers aged 18+
Build4Asia Exhibition
亞洲創新科技 – 建築、電氣、保安展覽會

Asia's Innovative Technology Showcase for the Building, Electrical Engineering and Security Industries.

Date: 9 - 11 May 2018
Opening Hour: May 9 - 10 10:30 - 18:30
  May 11 10:30 - 17:00
Venue: Hall 1C - 1E, HKCEC
Organiser 主辦機構:
tel +852 2827 6211
email [email protected]

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