Retail Asia Conference & Expo
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  Retail Asia Conference & Expo  
Speak in the Center of the Retail World
參與年度零售盛事 分享獨到真知灼見
Speak at Retail Asia Conference & Expo during 7-10 May 2019, reach out to more than 9,000+ professionals, grip on the latest retail trend and increase your visibility!

Submit topics and case studies of your choice for any of the conferences or seminar theatres:


如欲參與,請向大會提供閣下屬意演講的論壇或研討會, 以及講題或將與觀眾分享的案例。來屆論壇與研討會如下:
  • Retail Asia Conference 亞洲零售論壇
  • Delivery Asia Conference 亞洲配送論壇
  • Technology in Retail Seminar 零售科技研討會
  • Retail Experience Seminar 零售體驗研討會
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Deadline for submissions 截止日期: 15 Jan 2019

If you need further assistance, please contact:
如需協助, 請聯繫:
contact person Mr Kim Chantel (852) 2827 6211email [email protected]