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Hong Kong International Culinary Classic (HKICC)
香港國際美食大獎 正式啓航
HOFEX 2019

Over 300 contestants joined in on the Competitors' Briefing!
Front row from left to right: Mr Rudolf Muller, Chairman, HKICC Organising Committee; Dr Anthony Lo, CLP Power Corporate Customer Experience Director; Mr Daniel Cheung, General Manager, UBM Asia; Mr Michael Duck, Executive Vice President, UBM Asia
前排左至右:香港國際美食大獎統籌委員會主席Mr Rudolf Muller、中華電力企業客戶服務總監盧志華博士、UBM Asia總經理張偉雄先生、UBM Asia執行副總裁Mr Michael Duck

Aspiring chefs gathered at the HKCEC yesterday for the pre-competition briefing of HKICC, raising expectations for this spectacular culinary event. Over 1,000 contestants applied to showcase their culinary prowess, and out of 900 accepted applicants, 563 hail from 11 countries and regions outside of Hong Kong.

一眾廚師昨日雲集香港會議展覽中心,參加香港國際美食大獎(HKICC)賽前簡介會。參賽者鬥志十足,必定不負眾望,在這餐飲界盛事大展身手。是次比賽收到超過1,000個申請, 由於名額有限,大會只能取錄900名廚師參與比賽,當中涵蓋11個國家及地區563名來自海外的過江龍,將同場比拼。

The highlight of the competition will be the International Team Challenge. It sets the challenge of cooking for 30 diners an international buffet in just five hours from scratch. This year, various teams of talented chefs and apprentices from around the region will compete for the culinary crown.

是屆比賽重頭戲國際團隊挑戰賽(International Team Challenge)吸引來自各地的參賽隊伍爭相競逐廚神寶座。參賽隊伍須在五小時內,為三十位嘉賓準備自助餐盛宴,煮出多款國際美食,現場較量精湛廚藝及團隊比賽技巧。
‘I yearn to welcome great chefs, especially young, aspiring talents, to HKICC, and see them display their culinary skills. I am thrilled to see the overwhelming response, and I am sure we are all looking forward to yet again a great competition at HOFEX.’


Mr Rudolf Muller
Chairman, HKICC Organising Committee
‘CLP Power is proud to be the platinum sponsor of HKICC at HOFEX 2019. We’re glad to see the industry and visitors experience the benefit of “All-electric Kitchen” through this competition.’

「中華電力很榮幸成為HOFEX 2019香港國際美食大獎的白金贊助,很高興能透過這次比賽,讓業界及入場人士體驗『全電廚房』的好處。」

Dr Anthony Lo
CLP Power Corporate Customer Experience Director
The hall is filled with excitement as contestants and judges alike anticipate the day of the competition!
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