Retail Asia Conference & Expo 7-10 MAY 2019 | HKCEC
Retail Asia Conference & Expo
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Blockchain in Retail

As Blockchain becomes a key tool that is widely used across sectors to keep data secure and in check, the food and beverage industry finds its use of this major data-recording technology. As an encrypted list of records resistant to modifications, Blockchain ensures that all food products are easily tracked and traced on the system to properly report the origins of the products, guaranteeing the quality and safety of each product.
AI to Replace Manpower in Catering Industry?

The food and beverage industry faces the major problem of staff shortage, but at the same time, robots are emerging as the newest service tools that will meet the needs of all food businesses. From serving meals and cleaning to cooking and even making sushi, it appears that there is nothing these little helpers can’t do. Will they be able to replace the lacking traditional manpower?


Get to Know your Customers in Depth

While loyalty programmes and memberships help keep customer records in check, are these concepts really useful when it comes to knowing your customers? The digital footprint of big data can help merchants analyse customer behaviour and preferences, as well as give feedback to sales. The salesman can even recognise customers the moment they step inside the store, before even speaking to them. This is just part of the breakthrough of offline big data technology.
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Highlighted Seminars
O2O Retail Revolution
Mercedes R. Pair, EaseSales Consultant, Easesales Limited
9 May 2019 (Thursday)
14:30 - 14:55
Digitising of commerce is growing and offers excellent opportunities for brands and retailers. O2O strategy development is the right answer to the e-commerce growth. EaseSales (ACG Member) provides one-stop O2O retailing solutions, building a Sales Ecosystem for retailers to design online store, POS system or mobile APP. EaseSales platform seamlessly integrates online and offline sales, easily drag & drop can create a Stylish and Functional online store to fulfill different industry needs, it can help retailers to set up online store in 10 minutes!
UX Strategies for Retailer from Online to Offline
Tony Ng, Founder and Creative Director, DIGISALAD LTD
9 May 2019 (Thursday)
14:30 - 14:55
Dear Retail Marketers - It’s a good time for you to think about how to make your website or products more “human” by providing better user experiences and user journey with advanced digital technologies. It should not just traditional e-commerce websites for customers to buy something, but a personalised one! Many people may think e-commerce is not related to the offline sales and marketing. However, some digital technologies can definitely help to drive sales and conversions. In-store sales can also know your location and needs in real-time to enhance quality of services. The seminar will tell you “What is best UX strategies to deliver good experience to your customers from Online to Offline”.
Count your customers not your employees
Moras Aude, Product Manager, E Tag Limited
9 May 2019 (Thursday)
16:00 - 16:25
How can you rely on customer conversion numbers when your people counting devices track anybody going through your stores? Why even put in place People Counting technology if your environment requires your sales teams to come in and out of the shop to help your customers, distorting traffic data? ETag and FLIR partner to share with you how to collect accurate data on conversion rates, to help you to grasp the market opportunity.
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